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If you are looking for outerwear online, visit E-Sofia

If you are looking for outerwear online, visit E-Sofia

This past summer should not sadden us or leave us with nostalgia. On the contrary, the memory of sunny and warm days should give us a boost for the coming colder and darker days. This is one of the most appropriate times of the year to fill a wardrobe with new clothes, and this, of course, is a source of good humor.

Who said that outerwear should only be in dark colors. In recent years, it has become extremely fashionable to jackets and coats to be in a variety of contrasts and colors. Black and gray are increasingly inferior to neon and glittery shades. You will be surprised how a colorful outerwear can brighten your mood, especially if the day is dark and cold. Among the fabrics of outerwear there is also a great competition - skin and wool come to the fore.

You will find women's outerwear in the online shop E-Sofia. Feminine models to sculpt your silhouette in all colors and fabrics are waiting for you in our store. You can contact the store staff on the phones or contact form. The team of professionals will assist you in making the right choice for you.


Fashion trends for outerwear

As it became clear, your outerwear does not need to be black or gray in winter. To keep up with fashion, bet on pastel colors. On the one hand, it will bring freshness to your daily routine and on the other hand it will lift your spirits. The light shades look calm, fresh and gentle. Most suitable for saturated colors such as purple, marsala, burgundy, khaki. These shades are considered the most suitable for the cold season.

In order to feel and look amazing when wearing a garment, you have to follow a few simple rules, for example, what length it is, what fabric and so on. Here's a few examples:

  • Recessed patterns: These are the most common women's outerwear models. They perfectly emphasize the woman's waistline, ideally paired with flat shoes or boots. Buckled patterns are usually paired with a belt that further emphasizes the waist.
  • Long Jackets: Women's knee-length outerwear are also very up-to-date. They fit perfectly with tight pants and jeans, but also with dresses and skirts.
  • Jacket jackets: These are a great option for rainy days. If they are wadded, or have interesting prints, you can match them with anything.
  • Outerwear trapezoidal women's clothing: they are not too tight, which allows them to be combined with different clothes below.

Whichever option you choose, you must trust your intuition and rely on comfortable ladies outerwear. You need to feel comfortable and warm so that the cold days can be filled with your smiles. Therefore, visit E-Sofia to select the right model for you that meets your high quality requirements but does not hurt your pocket. The designer clothes you will find at E-Sofia are the perfect finish to your outfit.

Спортно- елегантно дамско сако на точки J 18139. Леко вталено, в тъмно син цвят и червени паспели на джобовете. Плата е мек и приятен и създава усещане за комфорт при носене. Невероятно пролетно предложение от нас за вас! Състав на плата: 59% вискоза; 38%полиестер, 3% еластан...
109.00лв 125.00лв
Елегантно дамско сако  J 17551 от плетиво в меланж- бяло, бежово и петролено зелено. Сакото е вталено, със скрито закопчаване и без ревер. Има  еластичен хастар, което го прави удобно за носене  през целия ден на работното ви място. Може да се съчетае както с пола и панталон, така и с дънки за свобо...
68.00лв 110.00лв
 Елегантно дамско сако с втален силует. Светло и тъмносините райета допринасят за това, сакото да се съчетава както с панталон и пола, така и с дънки. Моделът е с класически ревер и с еластичен хастар, което го прави удобно за носене. Състав на плата: 95 % памук, 5% еластан....
68.00лв 127.00лв
Елегантно дамско сако с леко втален силует. Класическо  изпълнение, подходящо както за ежедневието, така и за офиса. Изработено е от памучен плат, а свежия десен допринася за доброто ви настроение през дъждовните, мрачни, есенни дни. Може да съчетаете както с пола и панталон, така и с дънки. Състав ...
68.00лв 104.00лв
Моделът е с деколте под форма и закопчаване с метални копчета. За удобство при носене в предната част са изработени два джоба с филетка. Удобно и практично, може да съчетаете сакото както с пола, така и с панталон....
59.00лв 123.00лв
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