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General conditions of distance-purchase contracts within the meaning of the Consumer Protection

ET NINA-NEZAKET SALI, UIC: BG826059572 with address city of Razgrad, Eagle, bl. 12, ent. And, app. 7, represented by Neasket Sali Mehmed on the one hand, and on the other - the person who has consented to these General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as USER, in connection with the ordering and purchase of the goods offered through the e-shop


Inisess Shop has the right at any time to change the content and the way of accessing the information in it, as well as to cease its use in unauthorized access, in the event of improper actions and in violation of the laws of the country.

Necessary conditions to place an order:
1. Valid email address.
2. True address for delivery and invoicing.
3. True contact details.

Activating the order of a particular item is done by pressing the "Order" button.
If you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation at the e-mail address you provided. A shop consultant will contact you via phone to confirm.

On the page of each item presented at Inisess Shop are listed the price, the main features of the product and additional information to help make an informed choice when purchasing the product.


All prices listed on the site are in BGN with VAT included.

Work time:
Orders in an online store Inisess Shop are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The business hours of the Inisess Shop online shop consultants are Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 18:00. Saturday and Sunday are weekdays that do not process and send orders. Online product consultations can be made at any time (including on weekends). Phone consultations can be done during business hours. All orders made until 15:30 are processed and shipped the same day. Delivered within two business days (including Saturday to lunch at customer's request).
All orders placed after 15:30 are usually processed on the next business day and sent to them.
To contact our sales consultants: +359896 89 2014

Conditions for copying information
All the information published at is owned by Inisess Shop, incl. photos and article descriptions. Inisess Shop entitles owners of other sites and users to publish links to an online store It is forbidden to copy texts from and place them on other websites and online stores without the written permission of Inisess Shop or to quote the source with the following text: "Source: online ladywear store", such as " online ladywear store" should be a link to http: // www.
Inisess Shop contains links to other sites, Iniesce Ltd is not responsible for their content.

Once has placed an order from a User, a consultant at contacts it to clarify the details and confirm the order. If the ordered model is not available, the order may be canceled.
Deliveries are made by the courier company Econt to a user-specified address or an office of the courier company in the respective city.


Delivery is only made after confirmation by the customer;
Delivery is by courier from 9.00 to 17.30;
Deliveries are not made on Sundays and public holidays;



Under Consumer Protection Law and Trading Rules, the Consumer shopping in an online store, Inisess Shop, has the right to claim for:
• identified shortcomings;
• defects of the goods;
• Inconsistency with the declared size;

The following products are not subject to return and shipment:
• Items from the 'Sale' section


Claims are made within 7 (seven) business days of purchase. When making a claim, the consumer may claim replacement of the goods. The article can be replaced for the same in another size or color (if any) or another item. If the value of the selected item exceeds the amount paid, the difference is charged. The return of the goods can only be made by the courier company Speedy. Inisess Shop does not work with other courier companies and reserves the right to refuse the respective shipment.

Return shall be subject to the following conditions:
• Good commercial appearance (the product is not torn, scratched, worn, prana, ironed).
• There are no malfunctions caused by improper use.
• Stored original packaging and label.
• The shipping costs for the return of goods are at the expense of the customer. In the case of replacement goods, the transport costs are borne by the customer in both directions.

According to Art. 55, para. 1, item 1 of the CPA, the consumer is entitled to return the goods within 7 days from the date of receipt, and it is in a non-disturbing trade

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