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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't need to sign up and create an account to shop with us. However, creating an account allows you to take advantage of a number of benefits. You won't have to fill out your order form every time and save valuable time. You can save your favorite products to your favorites, which will allow you to keep track of the discounts related to them. At FAVORITES, you will be able to compare products and save information for the ones you like best. When you choose different products, they will be waiting for you in the basket.

You can use both a fixed and a mobile device to take advantage of the features of your account. Signing up with a Sign in account gives you a 5% discount on the value of each product.

For more information log in to NEW CUSTOMER.

- Cash on Delivery;
- Credit or debit card;
- Bank transfer.

We value your time and money, so we guarantee fast delivery. All deliveries are made through the courier company Е-Конт. The fastest, most affordable and convenient option for you is to send your order to your nearest office Е-Конт. Alternatively, it will arrive at the address you specify.

Delivery of products takes place within 24 hours. Depending on the courier company, it can be up to 48 hours if ordered during the weekends or holidays.

If the product you purchased does not fully meet your expectations, you can replace it with another product. It is good to have it in short order and the article to be commercially available. The exchange courier service is at the expense of the customer so as not to be misused.

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