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Official Women's Costumes in Sofia - Visit

Official Women's Costumes in Sofia - Visit
Състав на : Блузата 95% Полиестер 5% Еластан Състав на Панталона 59% Вискоза 38% ПЕС 3% Еластан Дължина на ръкав : Къс Ръкав Дължина на Панталона : 96 см По...
Състав на : Ризата 100% Памук  Състав на Панталона  59% Вискоза 38% ПЕС 3% Еластан Дължина на ръкав : Дълъг Ръкав Дължина на Панталона : 96 см Подходящ Сезо...
109.00лв 139.00лв
Състав на : Костюма 95% Памук 5% Еластан  Състав на Хастар 100% ПЕС Дължина на ръкав : Дълъг Ръкав Дължина на Панталона : 9/10 – 86 см Подходящ Сезон :  ...
189.00лв 215.00лв
Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : Пролет / Есен / Зима Дължина на ръкав : Дълъг ръкав Дължина на полата : 53 см Състав на сакото :  53% Вискоза 25% ...
158.00лв 199.00лв
Състав на : Костюма 59% Вискоза 38% ПЕС 3% Еластан  Състав на Хастар 100% ПЕС Дължина на ръкав : Дълъг Ръкав Дължина на Панталона : 96 см Подходящ Сезон :  ...
127.00лв 205.00лв
Състав на : Костюма 53% Вискоза 25% Памук 19% ПЕС 3% Еластан  Състав на Хастар 100% ПЕС Дължина на ръкав : Дълъг Ръкав Дължина на Полата : 53 см Подходящ Се...
108.00лв 199.00лв
Нежната памучна материя гали кожата и прави костюма неизменна и любима част от ежедневието ви. Сакото е вталено с ревер и ръкав с маншет с дължина около лактите. Панталонът е прав с пришит ръб отпред, който допълнително издължава фигурата. Изискана линия, с която няма да останете незабележими!...
108.00лв 189.00лв
Класически дамски, памучен костюм   JP17501 от сако и пола. Едно свежо и стилно попълнение във вашия гардероб. Сакото е с леко втален силует, а веселия, свеж десен, допринася за доброто ви настроение през дъждовните есенни дни. Полата е права, класическа кройка, около коляно от промазан памучен плат...
77.00лв 148.00лв
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Contrary to popular belief, the suit is not only suitable for business meetings and cocktails. It can be the perfect outfit for an ordinary office day, for example. The combination of pants and blazer is very comfortable, elegant and beautiful. Costumes linger on the pinnacles of fashion for decades, and we are still not tired of admiring new interpretations.

In the women's costume shop E-Sofia you will find a lot of beautiful and designer costume designs to take their rightful place in your wardrobe. We offer you a wide range of fabrics, colors and patterns so you can choose the right one for you.


The E-Sofia store offers a wide variety of modern women's suits

In you will find all kinds of suits that will meet your requirements. They are extremely high quality, beautiful and stylish. A quality women's suit, the price of which I can answer every pocket, can be found in our store. E-Sofia offers suits with different trousers, for example, wider, straight ones that can be freely lowered on your feet.

Monochrome ladies costumes have always been and will always be among the most preferred. Combined with a different color shirt, it's almost guaranteed that you won't stop getting compliments on how elegant you are. You can bet on a brighter color, such as blue trousers and a blazer, and a white shirt, or combine as you wish. Whatever you choose, you're guaranteed to look great.

Many ladies choose to combine different colors of trousers and jacket, which are complemented by shoes and / or bag. Check out costumes are also preferred by designers.

You'll also find high-waisted pants. They cover up imperfections, such as a wide hips, for example, and lengthen the legs.

What is the perfect blend for the elegant ladies suit you choose, the important thing is to feel confident in your femininity and in your skin. At E-Sofia you can whirl your imagination to choose the most beautiful and quality costumes.


Shopping online store E-Sofia saves time

Frequent shopping trips to find the right clothes can be annoying. Especially if you are looking for official women's suits in Sofia, it can take hours to go to different shops. Therefore, many ladies prefer to shop online. You can find women's suits online at the shop.

Here you will find a variety of patterns, colors and fabrics to suit every lady's whims. Order a suit from E-Sofia and it will arrive at your door. The Preview and Test option lets you check the shipment before paying for it.

The prices of the costumes in our shop satisfy every lady. You have the choice of trusting your fashion instincts or trends. There is something for everyone in our store.

So do not hesitate to visit the online store to get your costume that will complement your look and will certainly win you many compliments from others. Our experts are always ready to help you choose the right clothes for you.

And if you have any questions, you can contact the store team at the phones listed or through the contact form.

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