This season we are witnessing the triumphant return of animal prints, safari and khaki, box, monochrome white or beige appearance. With this post, we will introduce you to some of the main trends you need to know about.


рокля с Животински печатрокли с Животински печат

Animal print

Animal prints will not leave our wardrobe this year. It's a good idea to bet on an animalistic model of sweaters and jumpers. Zebra, leopard and python print accessories will once again be a strong trend ... Elegant animal print garments are a great option for the winter and spring months. The Animals Right instantly adds confidence and courage to any outfit! If you are brave and want to conquer new peaks and energetically move forward, then these garments are the perfect choice for you.

Safari and khaki

Safari fashion is not new, but a tribute to the fashion world for decades. With it we can go on a mental journey from the other world of fashion and escape from the bustle of the big city. It returns every spring as the holiday season approaches. This year's safari and khaki styles in the collections of world-class designers are presented in extremely feminine ways - light khaki jackets, loose dresses, tailored tunics, bermuda shorts and loose pants that create a distinctly romantic mood.

кариран костюмБял минимализъм = каре пола

The classic tracksuit in recent years has gradually been relieved of its British stiffness… Wear plaid t-shirt and sneakers, belt bags, cowboy boots and anything that allows you to express yourself and feel modern and comfortable.

In this annual trend, the bright and contrasting combinations of red, green, blue and yellow in women's clothing have been replaced by more sophisticated combinations in an achromatic range. In addition, the type of prints itself is not as bright. The checkered jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses and dresses in black, white and gray tones look stylish and restrained. The prints are no longer so large, but are presented in fine and delicate textures, so with such a dress you will look representative and fashionable.

White minimalism

The purest and brightest color, of course, is white in all its shades. Soft silhouettes in clean fashion lines create monochrome dresses in cool white tones. Designers advise us this season to include white in the form of women's suits with cotton shirts, white trousers and lace dresses.

Beige is the new white

The new season is a great alternative to monochrome white with vintage beige dresses. Unlike monochrome white clothing, combinations of white and beige look well-structured because stylists recommend that you do not dress in one tone from head to toe. Nevertheless, beige can appear in your wardrobe in the form of a classic trench coat, delicate dress, loose trousers or oversize shirts. No matter what you prefer, if your choice is in the range of beige or other light, neutral shades, you will definitely be in tune with the trends.

Бежовото е новото бяло = елекБежовото е новото бяло = блуза

In order to choose the most profitable option among the ocean of trends, you can especially consider the characteristics of the figure, your lifestyle and your personal preferences. In the wide assortment of our store you can choose and buy fashionable women's clothing at an affordable price with fast delivery.

Author: Sylvia Florova